21 May 2018

Wild Garlic Woods

This picture was taken during the morning bunny run with Timmy. He like to check all his bunny friends are home safe and sound. If there are any lingering on the surface he soon rounds them up and sends them home.

7 March 2018

Another day mulching.

I've spent another day  mulching roses with a mix of leaf mould and horse manure. 

Also this morning for a bit of a change I did a bit of forking and tidying on the east shrub border.

6 March 2018

Mulching the roses

Apart from the cloche project I have been doing some mulching in the rose garden. I use a mix of leaf mould and horse manure mixed roughly half and half.

Lantern Cloche Project.

At the moment I am doing some repair work to a couple of lantern cloches that I found during a clear our of one of the sheds in the stable yard. This morning I have stuck in some of the missing glass and added some resin to a couple of the corners that were cracked and flexing. I did the other two corners and part of the side that had come adrift last week when it was snowing and they are now solid.
One I did earlier
The one I'm working on at the moment.

Mysterious Shed

On this mornings walk we came upon this mysterious shed in the woods. The thing that took my eye thought was the mass of snowdrops growing all around it.

5 March 2018

Footballer Timmy

One of Timmy's favourite games is football. When I got him he didn't know how to play at all and even when he started he was very wary of getting in trouble for playing. I tried to start him off with a tennis ball as all our previous dogs love tennis balls but whenever I would go to pick up a small ball he would run away. I mentioned this to someone from the rescue place and they said that he probably ran away because he was used to people picking up stones and throwing them at him and so thought that is what I was doing so I quickly gave that up as a bad job. The football came about quite by accident when he found an old football in the bushes, he dragged it out and started tossing it around and he has been doing so ever since. At first he didn't like me playing with him but now he allows me to kick it for him every now and then.

The Echiums

The leaf tips of the Echiums are a bit scorched but the growing points seem okay and should pull away with some decent weather.

Old clothes

Under the builders bags I used a variety of old clothes wrapped around the plants, these along with builders bags were left on for the duration of the cold spell.

Cover up job.

On account of last weeks cold weather I cover some plants to protect them from the cold, now is the time to uncover them and see if we were successful.

13 February 2018

Morning walk

Timothy - Michael doing a reluctant pose during his morning walk.

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