16 May 2016

Weeding on what I call the Astilbe border.

One of the jobs I did today was to strim around the walled garden. there are a few places that I can't get at with the mowers so I go round with the strimmer every couple of weeks or so and knock off any long grass.

After this I did some weeding on what I call the Astilbe border. as with a few places at the moment it was in need of some weeding so I forked it over and added a top dressing of fertiliser.

After lunch I took out some weeds in a gravel path and then cut the greens.

5 May 2016

More Bluebells

Here are more Bluebells in the Japanese Garden.

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Bluebells in the Japanese garden.

1 May 2016

Sandringham Houset

Today we are visiting Sandringham House which is one of the royal residence.


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30 April 2016

Wroxham Broard.

This picture was taken during our boat ride this afternoon.


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Train Ride

This morning we have been for a ride on a narrow gauge railway. I would tell you the name of it but it slips my mind at the moment, I was having to much fun to remember the minor details.


After a spot of shopping we are enjoying a pint of beer with cod and chips before taking a boat trip on the Norfolk boards.


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29 April 2016

Putting my feed up with a whisky

Enjoying a whisky before going to bed.


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A good day but missing the dogs.

We have just arrived at the Holiday Inn Norwich after spending the afternoon looking around Norwich Castle Museum. We are just taking a break. Before going down for a spot of dinner. It's been a good day but I always miss the dogs who are at home being looked after by a kind friend.

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Break to Norfolk

Today we embark on a three day break to Norfolk by coach so I get to sit back and take in the views instead of driving.

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