13 April 2014 4 comments

The Tree

‎You may remember from a couple of years ago the series of pictures I posted entitled 'The Tree', well now the tree has company in the form of four wind turbines which for some reason don't dominate the landscape in the picture as much as they do in real life. 

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12 April 2014 2 comments

Derwent Edge Walk

Today Tess and I are taking a little walk along Derwent Edge in the Peak Districct.

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11 April 2014 3 comments

Who am I?

I'm not my dogs master, I am but a minion who she has trained to throw the ball and kick a stick.

I enter a seemingly empty house where eat and drink in solitude like for all the world I am alone. When the time comes to leave however tis a different proposition altogether surrounded on all sides by enthusiastic Border Collie.

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6 April 2014 1 comments

Work On The Laburnum Border.

Over the past few weeks I have been sorting out what we call the Laburnum border which as been both neglected and suffered from winter storm damage. Apart from removing leaves and forking over the border I trimmed back Ivy on the and a Fig tree in the corner as well as removing completely the Laburnum which was rotten and fallen over. I have left one young shoot which I intend to train flat against the wall as it grows.

Before I started the work on the border.

Part way through with the Ivy and Laburnum removed.

Finally with the border forked over, fed and some plants split up and replanted. I want to do more work on the fig tree in the corner sometime.

1 April 2014 4 comments

A short walk along Stanage Edge.

Last Saturday Tess and I went for a little walk before going to spend the day with my parents, here are some of the pictures we took for you. Here Tess is watching some sheep, not that she was very concerned about them.

House on the moors, it looks like the sort of place someone should base a novel on.

Waiting - Tess waiting for me to finish my cheese sandwiches, she just wanted to get going.

Tess was fascinated by the rock climbers clinging to the rocks - this was the first time she had seen humans on leads.

The way back to the car.

Looking towards the southern end of Stanage Edge.

27 March 2014 2 comments

Tommy's Return

Last night I had to go and collect Tommy from the vets - or at least whats left of him. On the one hand it was very very sad but on the other its sort of better because at least he is back where he belongs and the only place he ever wanted to be even though the condition in which he returned is no substitute for the original Tommy.

Below is Tommy in his little wooden box along with some cards from the vets and flowers from Vicki all of which were a really nice gestures and much appreciated as have been all your comments.


The card received from the vets a few days after they took him away.

The card that came with the remains of Tommy.

The flowers that Vicki did for him.

24 March 2014 4 comments

Cider making and walkies in the woodss

Today busied myself making some mixed berry cider, I've been brewing ale for a while now but this is the first time of making cider so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. This is a mixed berry variety and comes in a kit so I wasn't crushing apples all day, it was just a matter of mixing the ingredients.

The cider kit.

After this was done it was past lunch time so I decided to take Tess for a walk in the woods where we had a picnic in the sunshine. This was a place Tommy never went as we have only just discovered it so things weren't to bad.

Some Wood Anemones we spotted along the way.

A nice place for a picnic, and apparently its also a nice place to play ball - can you spot it?

23 March 2014 2 comments

Happy Birthday Mum

Today is my mum's birthday so me and Vicki are going down to visit for the day and take her some presents of course. While we are there we will meet up with the rest of the family for lunch in a local pub.
22 March 2014 5 comments

Rest In Peace Tommy

I'm sorry to have to tell you all that my dog Tommy had to be put to sleep yesterday afternoon. From what the vet told us it would seem that he became a victim of dementia, for sure he was nothing like the Tommy you see in these pictures which is a shame as he was the best companion a man ever could wish for.

Getting in the beer.

He loved to relax in the garden.

His angry face.

Always one to one to appreciate a letter.

21 March 2014 3 comments

Another new pond

‎On inspecting the sheep this morning I noticed the construction of another pond on the estate, this is the second that I know of this year.

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