20 March 2008

Views & Flowers.

Hello everyone, how are you today? The family have moved in to the big house for the week with it being the Easter holidays, thankfully I’ve finished work now until Tuesday morning so with a bit of luck won’t be seeing too much of them. I had to walk around the gardens with the gentleman this afternoon, it went okay, no complaints or anything. I don’t know what it is but for some reason I always feel uneasy after a walk around with them, I think it’s a deep rooted mistrust of them, I see a double meaning to the most mundane of questions like for instance he asked me today if I put the trash bins out for collection on collection day, I don’t know why he asked me this because he’s seen me putting them out and bringing them back again so now I’m wondering why he asked me. So that’s why I always feel uneasy about seeing them, he obviously had a reason to ask me but I will never know why. Anyway I do put them out and if someone has been telling him different they are lying.

I managed to get a lot more rose pruning done today even though its not been rose pruning weather, I don’t have a great deal more to do now thank goodness.

Kimmie, Yes I loved Malta very much and yes I like flying too, I was not afraid of it anyway even though I had not flown before, it was very exciting. I think next time I will take a book with me or something because I got a bit bored of just sitting there doing nothing, I wanted to go and fly the plane or serve some drinks or something LOL! It was very inviting and also quite warm but not unpleasant at around 23C during the day and 15C at night, and for sure I will be going again and I would also like to go visit other places now too.

Jim, Thanks for the award, I will go and take a look at it either tonight or tomorrow, its very kind of you to pass it on to me. The Popeye movie was made around 1980 I think. Sorry I should have explained about an allotment shed. For those that don’t know here in the UK you can apply to rent a small piece of ground from the council or other private body for the purpose of gardening. There are usually many allotments all in one area and it gets to be a bit like a gardening club and is actually an enjoyable way of making lots of gardening friends. Anyway on these allotments there is usually at least one shed per plot of land, and some sheds tend to be better than others. When I had my allotment the shed on it when I took to it was very shaky and looked a bit like the one in the Popeye Village.

Well I think I’ve talked enough so here are tonight’s Malta pics. As promised last night they were taken on a little walk me and Vicki took along a cliff top with Tony. Apart from the sun and wonderful views there were many beautiful plants growing wild.

This is a small Chapel by the parking area.

Some of the views.

Some of the plants.
They were actually pulling some of these up to throw away.

Tomorrow I will show you a garden that we visited so take care and I will see you tomorrow.


Kimmie said...

Yeah- now you will have to post as **Bobtraveleroftheworld**! So glad you loved flying...I had a conversation today with a friend who 'fears' it. I tried my best to convince her that flying is most definitely a gift from God (otherwise how do you explain that that big hunk of metal gets off the ground and soars through the air?)

Hopefully, she relaxes and enjoys her flight to Florida (if you want to convince her...her blog is on my sidebar...Confessions from the Rubber Room-my girlfriend Hallie). Now that you are hooked on flying and all ;-)

I can just imagine you serving drinks with the flight attendants (you are too funny !) I think perhaps a few flying lessons might be in order before you take over the 'flying' part of traveling by plane.

What would happen if you asked your boss..."Yes, I put the garbage out...why do you ask?" Perhaps straight out would put away some of your concerns-of course you know the situation better than me. I like to avoid conflict, so I'd be sure NEVER to ask, but would secretly be in torment. Don't want that for you...it's rather un-fun.

thanks for the pictues...the flowers are lovely, can't wait for the church shots!!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Jim said...

Thank you, Bob. I had always thought Vicki took the trash out for you on her way to the flower shop. :-)

Good, now I know what an allotment shed is! I have seen them a lot in Russia. I think we have them here also in our community gardens.

I am really enjoying your Malta pictures, I doubt I will ever be there. We do have tickets for Ireland again, leaving NYC April 14.

Jeanette said...

Hi Bob, Ive missed a lot here,
Pleased to hear you had a great trip. Love all you Photos of Malta,Hope theres many more to ccome..
Who did he think was putting out the bins when he saw you doing it..
I hope Dastardly not up to his old tricks, mischief making. Ill be back soon as possible i have a house full once again. take care stay well/ Jen