18 April 2009


I recently read a post in Emily's Garden about
http://garden-week-by-week.blogspot.com/2009/04/do-you-think-seedlings-actually-breed.html how she intends to grow more Primula's for next spring. As most of you will know there are many different kinds of Primula's but for those who don't know I've taken some pictures of the ones we have so you can see the difference for yourself.

In this first picture it shows Primula's and Polyanthus planted together. As you can see they are very similar in looks but the Polyanthus, which at the back in the picture stands a bit taller. This is due mainly to the flower been held above the foliage on a single stem whereas the Primula has all its flowers on short individual stems, each flower having its own stem. The Polyanthus flower is like a firework shooting in to the sky before bursting open. I have to say I prefer Polyanthus for this reason, they are more showy and much easier to dead head, and the ones we had this year have flowered all winter.

As well as the above two you also get Cowslip's, the yellow flowers below. These are like Polyanthus in that they have their flowers on top of a single stem.

Below is a picture of an Auricula Primula, these are more often grown to display in pots rather than used for a bedding display although they can often be found in borders of cottage gardens and are well suited to the british climate.


EB said...

Hmm. Yes, I think I agree with you about preferring the polyanthus.

When I was in Nottingham Arboretum this afternoon they had them growing in a bedding scheme, but not singly, they were planted in clumps; they looked much better like that than the usual public park style row.

I'll treat myself to some next year. Raising them from seed looks rather a fiddle - have you tried that or do you buy them in? Once I have a few I hope I can divide them.

Maureen said...

I think I prefer the polyanthus too but they are all lovely, Bob.