10 May 2009

Jasmine & Pelargoniums

This week in the conservatory the Jasmine is in full bloom so you can imagine the scent that greets you as you open the doors. I have two plants growing in there, below is one of them.

[Click the pics to enlarge]

Also worth taking a look at are the Pelargoniums which are just starting to come on now.

Louise and Strawberry Ripple

Lord Bute


EB said...

Oooh, gorgeous things! I have a similar jasmine but it doesn't look like that... yet. It will though, now I've started feeding it. It hadn't been fed at all until I read here about it. Yes, an amazing smell.

I am a keen pelargonium fancier but I haven't got any of that kind, only the scented leaf ones and one plain white. They look sumptuous. I will take myself off to Vernon's nursery maybe...

Matron said...

I could just inhale that jasmine from here! AAAhhhhhh!