15 August 2010

Thanks To All.

I would like to thank all for their thoughts over our loss of Tippy. I have to confess to being very upset by it all. I still can't believe what a big hole a little dog can leave in ones life. I miss her even more than most family members who have passed away in times past. I guess in a way that is understandable considering for ten years we were hardly separated both in work and play. I'm sure that in time things will become easier and maybe one day I will do something special for her on here. Of course the real saviour in all this upset is Tommy without whom the everything would have been almost unbearable.

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Sara said...

I remember how scared I was to come home from work for the first time after my dog, Munchkin, had died. I thought it would be excruciatingly painful. Well, Misty greeted me with so much gusto, I couldn't help but laugh. Misty turned my sorrow into smiles.

Dogs are amazing at helping us heal, live in the moment, and appreciate the small, yet important things, in life.

Matron said...

Bob, so sorry to hear that you have lost Tippy. They do leave a big hole in our lives when they go, don't they? Heartfelt wishes to you and your family, and to Tommy. xx Matron

Kimmie said...

I am so sorry, but so glad that Tommy has been there to hold you through both of your losses.

May you find comfort (lots) in his wagging tail and faithful friendship. And so you know, I consider you (and Vicki) dear friends.