15 October 2012

Today I made a start on filling this years leaf ring. I will fill two of these rings throughout the Autumn. You may think when looking at the picture that it already looks pretty full but what you see there will shrink to nothing within a short time. Also if I need to I will get in and trample the leaves down. As the bottom of the pile settles I also pull the ring up so by the time I'm finished the pile will be twice the height it is now.

Next to this years ring you will be able to see the darker colours of last years pile. There was originally two rings full but over last winter and summer the amount has reduced to such an extent that the rotted leaves will now easily fit in to one ring and will reduce by as much as half over the coming winter months by which time I hope they will be ready for using on the garden as a soil improver.

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Sam said...

Oh neat - I've never seen those before.


Beth said...

What a good way to make garden compost.

Matron said...

That second pile looks delicious!