23 December 2012

Tess's First Holiday.

A short while ago the dogs went on a long weekend break to North Yorkshire and took their housekeeping staff with them which meant Vicki and I also got a long weekend but notice that I omit the break! This was the first time that Tess had been away on holiday and after all the trouble we've had with her travelling problems it was a bit of a worry as to whether everything would go okay. Thankfully though all our patience and hard work had paid off and she was a model holiday maker, I think she is going to grow up to make a fine and enthusiastic tourist. There were times when she got a bit restless but  guess that's to be expected of a young Border Collie. Anyway here are a few pictures that I took of her.

Watching the big train huff and puff its way along the track.
Praying that someone will throw that sticky.
I'm a model dog on holiday.
Posing at the Kilburn White Horse
Right - that's it, I've sat still long enough.


Sara said...

She looks like a happy vacationer!

Janneke said...

Gorgeous pictures of Tess the border collie. She just has to get used to go on holiday, but she looks fine. Our Snarf accompanies us always on holidays, even to England.
Merry Christmas!

EB said...

Nice pics - love the train! Tess has an interesting looking head. The markings do contribute to how her expression looks, but she seems quite a character too. It seems disloyal to say so but I do miss a dog with pointy ears!

Rob said...

@Janneke: dogs seem to like going on holiday. Tess had a fear of the car which took us a while to get on top of.

Rob said...

@EB: yes she is a character Emily. She is a nervous dog so I tend to shy away from being to hard on her which means she sometimes gets away with more than she should. She is very good natured though so never means any real harm.