10 April 2013

A Good Day For Working.

Today has been the first spring like day that I can recall so far this year and it was a pleasure to crack on with some proper garden work. I can always find plenty to do but when the weather is not so good it's not always a pleasure. Recently I've been busy forking over some of the borders, the one below is what I know as the east shrub border, there is a west and middle shrub border and as the name suggests they are mostly occupied by shrubs of various kinds although the odd flowering plants does manage to find a home among them from time to time. Also in this border there are three old apple trees and some rhubarb.


Anonymous said...

so nice to see you Rob...that's a nice looking border you've dug up there!! I'd love to do a sketch of the apple trees...the one I can see looks quite grand. I hate to ask you this, in case something has happened to him, but how is Tommy? I missed a lot of months when I was sick...so missed out on a lot of what's happening in people's lives. hope you and all are well and Baron sends a woof to any furry creatures you have :D

sagechronicles said...

Looks like you have a lot of room for some planting. What are you putting in?

Emily C. said...

hello! it's been awhile. how have you been? happy spring to you! :)