26 February 2015

The bits I've never been able to show you.

Hello everyone. Today I have a little treat for some of you. As my long time blogging friends will know my posts relating to my work here in the estate gardens have been sort of tinged with misgivings in relation to respecting my employers privacy and getting across what I want to say. I hope that I managed to walk a fine line of showing enough to make things interesting and get my point across but at the same time not show too much so as to invade anyone's privacy. Well as of the past few months plans have been drawn up to facilitate using the big house and it's grounds as an exclusive wedding venue, just a handful each year. So to help get the word out that the big house is open for business and also show what can be expected the estate have opened up their own website so I am now thinking that this lets me off the hook as far as showing things on my own little blog. In fact a lot of the pictures on the site were actually taken by me over the years so if they can show my pictures on their site I see now reason why I can't now show my pictures on my site.

Anyway if you click [HERE] you can take a look at all the bits I've never been able to show you in the past.


Doc said...

Very Nice Rob, that looks like an enjoyable place to work. I envy the greenhouse, and the place has remained in the same family for over 300 years.

Sara said...

Wow! This is a treat! It's absolutely beautiful (especially the garden).

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting to me. I've followed your blogs for years, right back to before you met your wife and I've wondered for so long about the place you work. I've just read all about the estate and looked at the lovely pictures. It is so lovely, you do keep the grounds so beautifully.
My great grand parents came from England and although I've been to Europe twice, I've never got to England. We always planned on going, but we waited too long and travel is difficult when you get to our age so it looks like we'll not get there
Thank you so much for telling us about this change of events.
Elaine McCullough May on Vancouver Island BC.

Janneke said...

What a wonderful place and beautiful garden.

Matron said...

Yes, I envy you having a big greenhouse. This time of year mine is never big enough.