22 August 2015

The long Dahlia border.

‎This is what I call the long Dahlia border. It started off when I first came here with just Dahlias but over the years I've added different annuals to accompany  the Dahlias. The first and only addition for a few years was Cosmos. This year I have added three foot Sunflower and also Gladioli. The Sunflowers have done fine but as yet there is no sign of the Gladioli, I think they may have been overwhelmed. At the back of the border growing against the brick wall are Roses, Sweet Peas and Fig trees. The Roses and the Fig being the only permanent residence in the border. I like this border because first of all I love the versatility and range of colour and flowering length that Dahlias provide . Also I like that every year can be a little different. There is quite a bit of work involved lifting, storing and then replace ting the Dahlias but no more work than is involved with Roses etc.

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Doc said...

Love Dahlias and they are wonderful cut flowers which make them number one with the wife

Janneke said...

Beautiful dahlia border, are they also cut for vases in the house?
The tomatoes of last post are beautifully organized as if they are for a show, lovely.

Rob said...

The lady of the house used to come and cut flowers from the garden but these days they seem to prefer to buy cheap flowers from the supermarket. I cut them to put on the family graves and I also cut a few for Vicki now and then other than that they are just for show.