21 March 2016

Fancy A Job?

I have spent all day today pruning roses, first of all the two beds of new roses called 'The Poets Wife' and then this afternoon I was working on the North Front rose bed. I still have more to do in that bed tomorrow also there are a few other rose bushes dotted about the North Front that I will also do whilst there.

I saw the boss this afternoon, he has been away for a break in South Africa and has returned with some seeds for me to try and grow. He often returns with seeds from his travels and it's quite a challenge to get them to grow, especially as I don't even know what they are most of the time but it's fun seeing how they turn out.

He also informed me that the new people who have only been here for around four months have handed in their notice to quit. They were originally employed to run the new bed and breakfast venture but are leaving before it has even got going which seems a shame to me but I guess it's up to them. This will mean that I am on dog duties again until some one else can be employed. I don't mind looking after the dogs but it's a terrible drain on my time right when things are getting really busy in the gardens. So if you like dogs and fancy a job running a B&B on a small estate, let me know and I will pass on some information for you.

This is a picture taken at Harlow Carr gardens last week when we were there, we were taken by the lovely white trunks.

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Sara said...

Huh...I must say that B&B/dog offer is a bit tempting! Not sure how my own dogs would feel about it though.