27 April 2016

The return of winter.

This evening we had another snow storm, we've now had more snow this past couple of days than we had all last winter.
 Last night when I went to put the dogs in for the night Blondie was laid on the lawn unable to stand up and when I tried to get her up she cried out in pain. After trying one thing or another I eventually managed to get her in to the kennels. I worried about her all night and went out early as possible this morning hoping to see her up and about but there was no change in her condition so I called my boss and he told me that it is something that happens to her when she has had a lot of exercise which he admitted to her having that previous afternoon. She has had lots of tests done in the past and they seem to think that it's a sort of physiological problem so what I had to do was to lift her with a strap around her tummy and then just hold her there for a few minutes and she quickly recovered. It was quite amazing because she went from looking like she was paralysed to running around the kennels in the space of about five minutes. I can't tell you how relieved I was.

Blondie out for a walk with Tess.



Sara said...

I'm glad she's ok, that sounds awful.

Hee, hee, you just wrote on my post that you hadn't received any snow this year!

Robert Harrison said...

Ha ha - it will teach me to keep my mouth shut!