24 February 2017

Protea Project

Last year the boss brought some Protea seeds back from a trip to South Africa which I attempted to grow. I didn't have much success only managing to get three seedlings one of which died, another got eaten by mice and the remaining one got taken to London. So not wanting to be beaten on the first go I've decided to have another go so I did a bit of research before buying a few more seeds and a seed primer sheet which is something I didn't have or even knew about last time.

Here you can see the three packets of Protea seeds plus the seed primer packet.

The primer comes in the form of an impregnated sheet of paper which you have to soak for a few minutes in warm water which turns green when ready to use. 
Instructions for the primer.
This is how things stand at the moment. Because I have three different variety of seeds and only one primer I needed three different containers so as the packets are made of foil I just put a drop of primer in each packet that way there can be no mix ups.
Some time today I will sow the seeds, it recommends that they are soaked for between 8 and 24 hours so they have spent the night in the kitchen here at home - thankfully no one has made a nice cup of tea with them.


Midmarsh John said...

Looks interesting. Look forward to how things progress. I have some seeds of giant strawberry plants in the freezer at the moment. They seem to need 3 weeks there before planting.

Sara said...

Interesting! I hope it works for you.

Sandra Cox said...

A nice cup of tea with them. Ha.
Good luck. Hope you end up with a wondrous product.