7 March 2017

The Easy Way To Fill A Bag.

In a previous post I said that I would try to show you what other use I have for the ring of wire netting that I used as an example. So here it is again, this time being used for it's proper purpose rather than just a model.

The purpose of the netting here is to hold open a bag while I fill it. If you've tried to fill bags with garden rubbish the last thing they want to do is to assist you by staying open which I find to be a nuisance because usually I need both hands to hold the tools I'm using so what I do is stand the ring close to where I'm working as in the picture.
Next thing it to take your bag and put it over the ring, you will obviously need the ring to be slightly smaller than the bag you are using. You could put the ring in to the bag but I prefer to put the bag over the ring if you see what I mean.
When this is done turn the whole lot the right way up so that it ends up looking like this.
Now fill with whatever you are wanting to transport in the bag making sure to keep on testing the weight because when it's easy to fill it's also easy to put too much in without realising it.
Once you have the required amount lift the ring out of the bag and Bob's your uncle, off you go to wherever you are going. In my case I'm off to feed the sheep.
This post is one of Tipp's Top Tips in memory of Tippy the Border Collie.

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