12 February 2019

12th February

1. See to the dogs - Fed and watered. Cleaned the kennels. Left in the garden. 

2. See to the sheep - Took across some hay. Checked and counted the sheep. Checked round the cricket pavilion. Checked the water trough.

3. See to the greenhouses - Checked and watered round. Swept out the greenhouse. 

4. Carting off rubbish - Carted away the rubbish from yesterday's work around the garden house. 

5. Break for tea. 

6. Pruning - Tidied up the Wisteria that grows against the garden house. 

7. Pruning - Raised the canopy of the Ivy tree. 

8. Break for lunch. 

9. Trimming - Gave the Ivy by the garden house steps a little trim. 

10. Removed Ivy from the stone seat under the Ivy tree. 

11. Picked up some broken glass blown out of the conservatory by Erik. 

12. Put an edge around the front of the Privet by the Ivy tree. 

13. Packing up. 

14. Fed and put away the dogs. 


Hetty said...

The seat under the ivy tree looks much better. Groetjes Hetty

Rob said...

Thank you Hetty.


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