5 November 2007

Unfair Cop.

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? As always I’m real pleased you could find time to pop on over and have a chat with me. Only four more days now before we leave for our holiday in Scotland, I think that will be very good as I am feeling emotionally drained at the moment.

Vicki was telling me tonight about this woman who comes in to the shop. She likes to do a good job on her garden but because of the situation with rubbish collection these days people are dumping their rubbish on her garden, not sure why they are picking on her unless it’s the same old story where some people don’t like to see someone doing a good job but anyway she keeps on phoning for the council to come and fetch the rubbish. Anyway this weekend there was a load more rubbish dumped on her garden and she was so fed up with it that she collected it up and went and put it on the edge of some waste ground across the road ready for the council to pick up and just as she was doing it this of duty policeman came by and saw her and came over and started on her as though she was the one dumping it. He went and read her, her rights and all that stuff and they were sending someone round to see her today! She was really upset about it all. Isn’t it just typical that the police are never around when the real culprits are doing the dumping.

Today I’ve been doing some more painting on the conservatory. I just have a couple more hours work on it then that’s all done that I’m going to be doing for now. I’ve done all the sides so there is the roof to do and also the bit inside the derelict part but there isn’t too much point in doing that until they decide what they are going to do with it, it either wants doing up or pulling down because as it is its neither use nor ornament.

I don’t know if any of you grow brassicas but if you do and you also have pigeons around it might be worth your while protecting them with some netting because as there becomes less food around your Brassicas will start to look like a very tasty meal to those critters.

Well I’m going to finish now as I want to download some music tracks from my computer to my phone, I had to have another cell phone the other week as I went and got water in my other one, it was only a few rain drops but it seems to have been enough to ruin it unless it’s just a coincidence and it just broke. Anyway I’m just going to put some music on to the new one as I sometimes like something to listen too when I’m doing something like painting or pricking out.

Y’all take care then.


Libbys Blog said...

Oooo a holiday, whats that????? lol! Hope you have a good one.

salina said...

Why anybody would dump garbage on ones garden is too hard to phathom. That's just plain idiotic. What a shame she's the one that had to be in trouble with the cops.
Anyway, yes, definitly enjoy your trip with your family. I hope that it is everthing that you imagine it to be.
Take care,

Jeanette said...

Hi Bob,, Im sure some people are are so lazy live like pigs and dump there rubbish were they like to make a mess on someones else well kept property. Such a shame the culprit not caught only the innocent cleaning the mess up..
Take care and you and Vicki have a wonderful holiday.