27 March 2009

The First Lambs

Today when I went to check on the sheep I discovered the first lambs of the season had been born at some point in the early morning.

Tonight my ears are driving me crazy, they must hve caught the sun at some point but I'm not sure when as I thought it had been cloudy for most of the day.


EB said...

Fancy, black sheep, and with horns too! Lovely. I see why you need your mole traps.

Hope the ears feel better soon. I'm amazed you got burnt so early.

Sara said...

Oh, the sheep are so cute!

Are those your mole holes? My goodness - they are mountains! I have never seen so many in one place.

Matron said...

Ahhhh! it must be Spring!What breed are they? Jacobs? Balwin?

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob,
Baa Baa black sheep there cute., Spring is in the air, roast spring lamb on the hoof Yummy,
Bob everyone is calling them Mole hills so I presume they are What a mess they make of the area, do you rake it over and fill in the holes?
hope your ears are ok I didnt think it would be hot enough over there to get sunburnt.