1 March 2009

Gardening Gear.

Following Emily's lead (see post http://garden-week-by-week.blogspot.com/2009/02/quick-note.html ) I've decided to post a picture of me in my gardening clothes. Maybe some of you might like to show everyone what you garden in - provided you aren't a nudist.



EB said...

Very professional looking! I like the cap: when I'm doing really horrible jobs, I pull the peak of mine down low and it somehow makes me feel a bit more protected from the grot and the grime. (That is until I'm getting changed later and find bits of said grot in between all the layers of clothes!)

Hope the holiday's going well Bob.

dinzie said...

Maybe next blog entry :O) But my god I'm never as smart as that in my garden .... Usually a grubby pair of shorts and a T-shirt :O) Mind you I have a large rimmed "Ozzy" style hat to keep the sun off...