15 August 2009

New Series - Castle Howard.

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So that I can post the readings on the same day as the blog post they are of the previous 24 hours up to 6 pm today.
Temp Low: 18C
Temp High: 28C
Rainfall: 0mm
Cont. Days Without Rain: 3
Dry Days This Month: 9
Wind Level For The Day 47
Pressure: 991.3
Weather: Mostly overcast.

2009 Highs & Lows
Min for the year: -5 C (4th February)
Max for the year: 35 C (1st July)
Most rain in 24 hours: 39mm (5th June)


Subject -See to the sheep
Categories -Misc
Start -Sat 15/08/2009 07:30
End -Sat 15/08/2009 08:30
Duration -1 hour
Message -Helped the farmer go through them and treat for maggots.

Subject -See to the greenhouses
Categories -Glasshouses
Start -Sat 15/08/2009 08:30
End -Sat 15/08/2009 08:45
Duration -15 minutes
Message -Opened the vents.

1) As you will see at the top I have come to the end of my Haddon Hall Pictures so now I will do a series on Castle Howard in Yorkshire. A few people have got confused thinking that Haddon Hall etc. Is the big house where I am the gardener at so I will just explain that my ‘Picture For Today’ used to be just random pictures that I had taken over the years so instead of dodging around from one place to another all the time I decided to do a whole series of pictures from one place at a time, for instance I am now going to do a series on Castle Howard. The pictures were taken on the 15th August ’09, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them for you.
Fireweedmeadow The Apricots are grown in the conservatory so are protected from the worst of the elements although by all accounts they can be grown outdoors, especially if you have a warm wall to grow them against, you would have to protect the early blossom against any frost though. When I get the peach tree it will go against a warm wall outdoors as they are a touch hardier I believe. I’m glad you find my blog good to navigate. I do it this way then if you just prefer to read what I’ve been doing, maybe as a reference to what you could be doing in your own garden, or if you leave a comment and want to find what me answer is it’s easy to find without having to wade through a load of words that don’t really interest you or don’t have time for. As for how many gardens I work with there is just me and my Tommy who tends to be a bit of a part timer and also as you will see from the notes above I don’t garden at Haddon Hall but at a different big house. I can’t say where or give details as its privately owned so I am limited to pictures of my work rather than showing off the gardens or property.
Matron No I didn't get to eat any of them yet as the family are here so I feel obliged to leave things for them until I think they're going to waste - the fruit or veg that is - not the family!

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