20 October 2009

Festival Of The Plough.

One Sunday during my break we visited a local showed called The Festival Of The Plough. My parents were staying the weekend so it was nice for us all to go out for the day, especially as it was really nice and sunny. As you will see from some of the pictures the show is a mixture of things, mostly from the past. Apart from agricultural equipment there are all manner of other old machinery such as cars, trucks and motor cycles. There are a couple of marquee selling crafts, one hosting a chicken show, another with models (the non human kind), there was even ferret and terrier racing, not in the same location I might add. Anyway take a look at the pics below.

Here and old guy is dancing his heart out.

It was a great day out for dogs, there being almost as many dogs as people!

Here we see a thrashing machine at work being powered by a stream engine.

There were donkey rides too.

My dad, mum and Vicki (In the big hat).

One of the big stream engines.
And a little stream engine being put to good use, can anyone spot what that good use might be? There is a clue in the picture.


Merle said...

Hi Bob ~~ How nice that your parents were visiting and that you all wentto the Festival of the Plough together.
The greenhouse sure looks better
after its facelift.
I think the deer in my story was terrified by the fires and so went into the water and out so far.
I only have 4 tomato plants, a medium size grape tomato, and 2 cherry ones, Can't think of the other bigger one and it's 11 pm so I am not going out to look.Sorry.
Take care my friend,Cheers, Merle.

Matron said...

Did you see the wonderful farm machinery being used in the TV programme Victorian Farm? It is wonderful to see them being used still, and I wonder if there will come a time when we all have to revert back to these methods. PS I love to see places where people can take their dogs on a day out! They love it too.

fireweedmeadow said...

I would LOVE to see ferret and terrier races! I love agricultural events like this - sheep dog trials are my favourite. And it looks like you had fantastic weather yet again!