30 September 2010

Lochgilphead and Crinan.

Today we went to Lochgilphead and the Crinan Canal. There are a few shops at Lochgilphead that were of interest to Vicki so while she explored inside the shops me and Tommy explored outside them.

After lunch we went for a walk along the toe path by the Crinan Canal which was enjoyable on a warm afternoon. On returning to the Crinan Basing we watched the boats while sitting outside the café drinking afternoon tea. Me and Tommy fancied a cream cake but Vicki though they were to expensive. Tommy came out ok though cos he looked cute at the lady in the tea rooms and she brought him some ham and a drink of water. I tried looking cute at her too but it didn't work for me.

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Sara said...

All your pictures are wonderful! I'm really enjoying them.

Boy, Tommy sure knows how to work it.