5 September 2010

Versitile Blogger.

The Dogs of Greenhill Farm gave me an award the other week which I am very grateful for. The rules of the award are that I share seven things about myself, so here goes.

1) I love dogs, in particular Border Collies.
2) When I was little me and my friend went in to hiding in the fields on hearing my grandmother announce that there were Indians knocking on next doors front door. At the time the only Indians we knew of were the ones from the cowboy films, in this instance the Indians were the Asian kind and doing no worse than selling things from suitcases.
3) Also when I was little I ran away to the woods because my aunt was going to take me to have my hair cut, for some reason I thought it would hurt.
4) When I was aged 10 I didn’t do my homework preferring instead to go and help out on the farm. They had this policy at the time where the teacher read out the answers to questions and the children marked their own homework. I figured out that if he wasn’t going to be looking at my home work book he wouldn’t know what I wrote for answers so I just put anything and when I had to shout out my score at the end of marking I said something realistic and that worked fine until the day he asked to see our books. In those days there was no detention just twelve inch rulers, or a cane if you were really bad.
5) I am easy going but selfish with a streak of determination, I have never worked one day for money and have no time for people who are not prepared to suffer yet have a great admiration for those that do without complaint. Oh yes, and I still cry over the loss of my dog, but only in private, so I guess that makes me a softie too.
6) One day I would like to live somewhere warm and sunny, preferably in a rural location.
7) My favourite meal is fish, chips and mushy peas, my fav hot drink is tea and my fav cold drink is orange juice and Indian tonic water mixed, or if I want something that’s spiced up a little I will add Southern Comfort to it.

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Sara said...

It is so fun to look back on our childhood, isn't it? I would hope the teacher would have given you an "A" for being so clever about getting out of doing your homework. Sounds like a lazy teacher to me. Had the students doing the teacher's job.

Kimmie said...

Oh I LOVED this...so wonderful to hear more of your boyhood. I really mean that I liked knowing more about you...really. ;-)

And that ruler on the bottom...ouch!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted