29 October 2011

The Loch Ness monster is sighted!

Today I was downloading the pictures I took on our holiday to Scotland and found this video on my phone that I had forgotten about. It shows the Loch Ness monster leaving the Loch near to Fort Augustus for a few brief seconds before turning and plunging back in to the murky depths of the loch. For those that don't know a 'loch' is just another name for a lake and is how they say it in Scotland and Loch Ness is famed for it's monster.

Also today I sorted out some papers and other documents to send to the accountant in the near future, this is not something I can get enthused about.


Anonymous said...

finally I got through to your new post...excellent video of the "real" Loch Nessie monster aka Tommy...who really loves the water

having to do paperwork is never my cup of tea...it's always there to be done and if it involves spending money it's down right depressing

Sara said...

For some reason, I didn't think the Loch Ness Monster would come out with a wagging tail :)

Beth said...

Now that is one handsome Loch Ness monster! :-)

Chicken lover said...

Hi Rob hope you had good Scottish break. Our dogs are only paddlers but enjoy cooling off in the odd Loch when we are up that way.

Darlene said...

Oh Tommy, I have missed you!