6 August 2012

Busy Week.

This week is going to be a busy week in the garden as I have one of the hardest and most difficult jobs of the year to do - trimming the two big hedges in the memorial gardens. Lots of climbing up and down the tower with the hedge cutter getting heavier and heavier not to mention all the bits of conifer down the shirt and in other unmentionable places but it's got to be done so best do it with a happy heart. I will try to remember to take a picture later. I also have someone coming to repair and service my tractor and as usual there is all the grass to cut.

Thank you for the comments on our own garden although I can't take any credit for the way it looks as it's mostly Vicki's work apart from the hedge cutting and lawn mowing. It may seem strange but I have no enthusiasm when it comes to working in my own garden.

Captain Shagrat asked if the cottage is ours. Well it belongs to the estate and we get to live here as part payment  for the work I do. Other properties like this on the estate rent out for around £650 a month so I see it as been worth slightly more to me as they also pay some of the other utility charges that go with the property. Of course the true value is much more because if I even lose my job here we will be both jobless and homeless. We do have our own property but without a job we wouldn't be able to afford to live in it so I'm just going to have to be a good boy and also hope people keep coming to shoot the birds and the farmer keeps on growing good crops so as to pay for my upkeep.

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Anonymous said...

missed checking on how you're doing...your seasonal things still have to be done. you have my sympathy with the conifer bits inside your clothes...arrrrgh! it is a good deal as you say when a home comes with the payment! you're an excellent gardener so I'm confident you'll be working where you are for a long time!