5 August 2012

Feeding The Pigs On Churn Estates.

In a previous post I showed how to feed the sheep on Churn Estates map so this time I'm going to show how to feed the pigs. There is a little more to this job as you need to mill the barley and feed that as well as pellets. So as you will see from the video the first job is to load up the mill at the pig farm with barley. You can either harvest this or when you first start the game there is a small supply at the arable farm which they don't mind you having - just don't fill your tractor with diesel while you're there! This is where I start the video.

After tipping your load at the pig farm walk over to the mill and press the 'R' key on your computer keyboard and in around 20 seconds the barley will be ready for feeding. Drive under the milled barley silo and when you get the sign in the bottom right corner press 'R' to load the feeder on the front of the loader tractor.

You then drive in to the pigs field and go to the yellow feed trough and when you are over the trough with the feeder you will get the TIP sign in the bottom right corner so you then press 'Q' on your keyboard to empty the feeder in to the trough.

When this is done go back to the yard and fill the feeder from the next silo which will have pellets in it, these are the same pellets I used to feed the sheep with. Then do the same with these as you did with the barley except you put the pellets in the brown trough. Once this is done return to the yard and pick up the water tanker and reverse up to the blue tank, when you get close enough the water tanker will automatically fill with water. You then take this to the pigs field, reverse up to the blue trough and when you get the tip sign press 'Q' and the trough should fill with water. All that remains now is to return to the yard closing the gates behind you, although strictly speaking you aren't done yet as there is another paddock and a barn with more pigs that are hungry for food and water. 

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