8 January 2014

Pruning The North Front Roses.

I've spent most of today on the North Front pruning the roses and generally tidying the area, I even ran the Allett mower over the small piece of lawn. This part of the grounds is where visitors will park their cars while visiting for the funeral and other events planned for the coming week.
We had a lot of trouble with rabbits eating the new rose shoots for most of last year so the roses in the beds on the North Front aren't looking very well, in fact some have even died because of this. One of the beds is filled with bushes that are just a couple of years old and whilst these seem to have come through better than the older bushes even these are not as they should be so hopefully things will be better this year or I can see these too will be destroyed.


Beth said...

You are talking of roses and it is such a nasty winter here.

Doc said...

Our little Dachshund Sophie keeps rabbits away from the gardens, maybe they would consider getting one?

tiffany said...

Hey, I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog, do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks! Tiffany

An English Shepherd said...

Wow that's early to cut a lawn!