7 March 2014

Pollinating Apricots.

‎This past week the Apricot tree in the conservatory has come into flower so for a short while I have the daily task of pollinating the flowers with my rabbits tail on a a stick. If I didn't do this there would be little or no fruit as there aren't many pollinating insects around at this time of year.

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Beth said...

Very interesting Rob! Nothing blooming here yet. Still a lot of snow on the ground.

Doc said...

Hi Rob,
I lucked into an easy fix for lack of pollinators at this time of year. I have a large winter blooming Honeysuckle Lonicera ‘Winter Beauty’ (shrub not a vine) near my apricot that attracts large black bumble bee’s in February and March. In late January when it starts to bloom I get dozens of hummingbird’s all day that while their main craze is the Honeysuckle they busy themselves with the fruit trees as well to the point that I starting to get an increase in fruit annually. Bit of dumb luck for me but it might be something you might try.