27 March 2014

Tommy's Return

Last night I had to go and collect Tommy from the vets - or at least whats left of him. On the one hand it was very very sad but on the other its sort of better because at least he is back where he belongs and the only place he ever wanted to be even though the condition in which he returned is no substitute for the original Tommy.

Below is Tommy in his little wooden box along with some cards from the vets and flowers from Vicki all of which were a really nice gestures and much appreciated as have been all your comments.


The card received from the vets a few days after they took him away.

The card that came with the remains of Tommy.

The flowers that Vicki did for him.


Sara said...

Receiving the box is always a bit of a shock to your system, but I'm glad he's back with you.

Vicki's flowers are beautiful. I know Tommy loved to be in the garden with you, so I'm sure he would appreciate the flowers too.

Sam said...

I'm so sorry. I always tell my dogs that I will never leave them behind - and bringing home their ashes is the last promise I can keep to them.

Hugs and love,

Monty and Harlow