1 April 2014

A short walk along Stanage Edge.

Last Saturday Tess and I went for a little walk before going to spend the day with my parents, here are some of the pictures we took for you. Here Tess is watching some sheep, not that she was very concerned about them.

House on the moors, it looks like the sort of place someone should base a novel on.

Waiting - Tess waiting for me to finish my cheese sandwiches, she just wanted to get going.

Tess was fascinated by the rock climbers clinging to the rocks - this was the first time she had seen humans on leads.

The way back to the car.

Looking towards the southern end of Stanage Edge.


Sara said...

chuckling over 'humans on leads'

Stunning photos!

Jeff and I just bought tickets to the montreal grand prix in June. I know you're a race fan....maybe you'll see me on tv :) We're sitting right at the hairpin turn.

Rob said...

She had no fear of heights, she would go right to the very edge to look over at the rock climbers which is really strange because at home something as simple as an ironing board will get her running for cover. WOW! Going to see the race live will be very exciting and I will keep a look out for you.

Janneke said...

Stunning pictures, loves Tess who behaves like Snarf and the landscape you two are hiking is just wonderful.

Louellen Lawson said...

Quite lovely.