18 December 2014

Tractor ride to the woods.

Hello everyone, how are you today? This past week I have been digging over the vegetable garden, it's a job I like to get done before Christmas if I can so that the weather has time to break down the soil and perhaps do other good stuff as well. 

Anyway before I could start on the digging I needed to clear some things such as old unwanted veg and prunings from Black Currant bushes, also some weeds, basically anything that was in the way of the digging. When the trailer was loaded up and ready for emptying I had the idea of putting my little camera on the tractor somewhere and then inviting you all to come for a ride on the tractor with me to the woods which is where I have to dump my rubbish since the gamekeeper put my compost bins on the bonfire. So anyone who is interested hop on board and hold on tight.


Sara said...

well, that was fun!

Janneke said...

Thanks for the drive on your tractor, I love the English countryside, even though direction compost heap.

Kimmie said...

That was neat! I loved seeing around where you spend your time. Beautiful, it certainly must keep you busy! That was a lot of ground we covered!

Can't believe how green it is there so close to Christmas. Enjoying it now, as it isn't green in my yard yet, but I know it is coming soon!!

thanks the ride was fun.

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