27 January 2011

A Quiet Day.

There isn't much to report today, all's quiet on the 'western front' whatever that's supposed to mean. The weather has cooled down again considerably compared to what it was like this time last week, there was even a threat of snow a couple of times during the morning but the sun came out after lunch so it felt quite a bit warmer.

I've spent all day digging. I cleared what was left of the Parsnips so this left me with room to turn over more of the veg plot after which I made a start on tidying the west shrub border, taking out any stray weeds, clipping the lawn edging and then picking over the soil in amongst the shrubs. It would be nice if I could cover the ground with a good layer of mulch but I don't have enough for that so break up the soil to make life easier this coming summer I just loosened up the surface a little. I don't know if I will get it finished tomorrow, I somehow doubt it.

Today I added a gadget to my sidebar which links my Twitter account to my blog, it shows the last two Twitters posts, I thought it may be fun to add bits from my day before I get to post them on here properly.

As there is nothing much else to say I will post a little video of Tommy looking for squirrels during our evening walk.


Chicken lover said...

Hi Rob
Sounds like you've had a satisfying day with all that digging! We had a couple of sprinkles of ?snow in the breeze too. I can't wait to get my raised beds sorted and need to pick up my seed potatoes for chitting too.
Happy gardening.

Sara said...

I wish I could dig in the ground right now. All I dig for lately are Oreo's lost toys in the snow.

Oh, but soon I'll be complaining its too hot, so I guess I should just enjoy the day.

Wyatt said...

Tommy knows that there is something out there!
We bought some veg seeds today!! Yay, spring is just around the bend!!


Rob said...

The squirrel ran across the track behind him and in front of me, by the time he knew what it was and I had my phone out the squirrel was long gone.

Dame Judi said...

"Quiet" certainly does not mean inactive! But what a perfect day in the life of a gardener. I'm glad hunters, wild beasts and car crashes didn't disturb your quiet.

Here on the Pacific Coast, the year's sweet pea seeds were ordered. "Spring is coming" is always a jolly thought.

Theanne and Baron said...

Nice day for you Rob...Tommys a good squirrel dog...he knew they were there!

Gail said...

I love working the soil. There is a great satisfaction in standing back and enjoying what has been done.

Tommy certainly enjoys looking.