29 January 2011

Wood walk.

Last night was the coldest night of the year so far at -5C. Tonight me and Tommy are taking a different route to our usual one.

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liZZie said...

I so know what it feels like in that temperature, no sun here whatsoever, not even at noon when Patty and me were clambering around on deer trtacks. She tried to herd about sixteen deer and I heard her yelping with the fun but they soon jumped over fences into an impenatrable copse, impenetrable to a short, small BC that is.

Sara said...

Those are my daytime temps...if I'm lucky!

Hope you and Tommy had a good walk. I bet he saw lots of squirrels.

Kimmie said...

Is Tommy behind you? Or did you run to get in front to snap his picture...I ask because our dogs always have to be in front...they run way ahead, circle back to see if they have accidently lost us...run ahead, look back to see if we are coming (or not)...and on and on until we turn around and they lead us home.

We are so far from a walk in the woods...we have 58 inches of snow...with 12 more coming tomorrow and 6-8 the next day....UNCLE, already!!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

eMiLy ChAnG said...

wow, that's really cold.

EB said...

Was that really the coldest so far? I'm surprised, I think we had lower than that about 4 weeks ago, and we're usually warmer than you I think. But yes it has been chilly again in the last couple of days. Nice to see Tommy again :)