1 February 2011

February Tree

Can you believe it, it's a month but for a few days since I took a picture of the tree. I think it was the 5th of January to be precise but I've decided that it will be better to take the picture on the first day of every month that way I will remember it better. Anyway here are the two months so far, there isn't much difference apart from the latest one is lighter so all in all that's a good sign that we are progressing in the right direction.

Today has been a little frustrating for me because it was a lovely day out but this afternoon I was force to spend my time indoors doing office work that I've been putting off for a month in the hope of being forced indoors by bad weather but we haven't had any so now I have to catch up whether I like it or not. I have some trees to try and find for the boss, one of which doesn't even show up on Google so goodness knows where he's seen it. Most of the others I can find but it means going to about six different suppliers for them. Also I am needing to order some more flower seeds, I'm not in desperate need of them but I don't want to leave these things until the very last minute.

This morning I was able to get going straight off with forking over the west shrub border, I would have finished it if I could have stuck at it, hopefully tomorrow will see the end of it although I need to finish off the office work first. What I need is a foot of snow then I won't feel so guilty about being indoors.


Sara said...

By the end of tomorrow, we will have 30 MORE inches of snow. I'd be happy to send you a foot or two.

The tree looks beautiful. We passed a tree the other day, and Jeff said,"That tree would look so good photographed with fresh snow." Now I realize it is very similar to your tree.

Anonymous said...

Paperwork is a dull, boring task, being outside would be so much nicer!
I'll certainly put in a good word for you having snow (bad weather) if you'd like. Your "boss" keeps you busy...hope you find the tree he's after.

Gail said...

Paperwork on a pretty day...that is horrible!

sagechronicles said...

Don't you love it when the sun starts moving north and it gets lighter earlier? I know I do!

HORIZON said...

I'm staying in today because of the bad weather - no excuses for not getting caught up! Will enjoy watching the landscape pic as it changes. :)


There's a lot of people here in the USA that would be more than happy to give you a foot of snow! :-)

Take care and have a great week :-)