8 February 2011

Breakfast time.

Sheep feeding time.

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liZZie said...

Just have to tell you Rob ~ Daisy is joining Patty and I on Thursday for good. She is a 6 yr old BC who needed a new permanent home. From a neighbour whose circumstances changed.

Louellen Lawson said...

Rob!!!! you must tell me what type of sheep they are. What lovely wool they have and I am sure it would knit up lovely as well. lol
It is snowing here again today. It is good for the farmers who planted winter wheat in the fall. It insulates it and keeps it happy til spring. It is also just fun to watch fall from the sky. Clean up is less fun. :) Have a great day.

Mad Bush Farm said...

Great photo Rob! Unusual sheep I'm used to seeing the Romneys around the place where I live.