17 February 2011

A clean hansom boy.

Hello everyone, I hope you're all feeling okay.

Thanks for all your thoughts with regard to the insurance carry on, I will tell you I'm not down hearted about it and merely mention it as an observation. I'm sure one day they will finally get everything sorted out. Thankfully we are no longer struggling to make ends meet as the tenant we have in our house is now paying the rent and also we did get one pay out from the insurance.

HORIZON made a comment about getting a new dog, Have you seen the new pups they have at Wiccaweys? Take a look [Here] if you haven't, save one for me though - in fact I may have two... or three ha ha! Also while you're there - assuming you're like me and can't resist a peek - take a look at Mack who I featured in one of my previous posts - by the way did I tell you I want Mack as well!! Anyway if you want to cut to the chase and catch right up with Mack click [Here] Doesn't he look a nice clean hansom boy after his bath?

I know you shouldn't pick a dog on looks but just for fun which one would you go for? I quite like Annie but she would need to like attaching herself to my left as I already have a dog attached to my right. Benny and Joon are lovely too but I would feel bad about splitting them up so you know what that would mean! Then there is daisy, how could you resist daisy? Look at those eyes! How would you choose? I gotta stop lookin at that site lol!

Today I managed to locate a couple of trees that were missing from the main order that I made the other week, I placed the order over the telephone and the guy said they should be with us next week. The trees I ordered today are Cupressus sempervirens Stricta They are very narrow growing conifers, you often see them growing in Italian gardens

I took these pictures for you today as I haven't really shown you what is in flower in the gardens for a while. These are a dwarf Iris which act similar to Crocus in that they die back in time, they are only in evidence for a few months of the year unlike normal Iris which have foliage even when there is no flower to be seen. These are very delicate in appearance and a welcome treat for a grey February day.


Chicken lover said...

Hi Rob
We already have 2 dogs, Percy Pug 9 months old and Sacha husky cross 10 yrs old so will have to be restrained when looking at the website lol.
I love spring bulbs as it makes you feel so much better when there are signs of growth in the garden. Would love to see a pic of the conifers when you get them

Sara said...

Love all the puppies! Of course, I'm partial to black and white dogs.

When I saw the title, I thought we were going to see a photo of clean Tommy.

Anonymous said...

Love all the dogs...would have a difficult time picking one. Well OK I'd pick Daisy! And yes Mack does look a right hamsom lad after the bath. The iris photo is lovely...indeed a bright spot on a grey day! I visited HORIZON at her blog with lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

Gail said...

A sure sign of spring, beautiful.

I would have to meet the puppies, they are all so adorable.

Kimmie said...

Oh they are all cute...Annie is sweet (poor babe lost her tail!) and Daisy just is too cute!

I am taking our dog tomorrow to the vet...he has a large tumour in his mouth and I am not sure they will be able to remove it this time ;-( If you think of us...would you pray? I'd love to give him more time (as I am selfish and I love him)...but if it is time to let him go, then for the strength to be able to do it.
sigh. Loving is so hard.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

ps- Hunter (the dog) was adopted too...his first family gave up when he ate their house while they were at work. We got him at the Humane Society. They listed him as a girl...when we got there we realized the mistake, but had already fallen in love. He is our first boy dog ...and boy is he a boy!

HORIZON said...

You are such a tease!! arghhh!
I visited your Wiccaweys rescue link a few weeks back and fell in love with Jessie- loved her eyes :) I even talked with my husband about her at the time.
Now l read this post and go back to find the puppies- that is soooo unfair!
Thanks for the mention on your blog by the way.
I do agree that once you've had a dog it's hard to be without. i also think that once you've had a border collie you don't want anything else. They are the best dogs in the world- beautiful, clever, loyal- fun, the list goes on...

Amy Wood said...

They sure do have some cute pups over at Wiccaweys! Love the dwarf Iris. They are beautiful!

MAXMOM IN SA said...

Hey there Rob...
I'm hoping that the right dog finds you at the right time. My Max guided Toby to me and I am sure that Tippy will do the same for you.
Those Irises are very interesting. It's quite amazing how things can grow in seemingly the harshest conditions. Did you know that there is a plant that grows in Namibia - in the desert - called the Welwitchia. Its leaves are 'under' the ground and its roots are above. It gleans its water from the fog which rolls inland from the cold Atlantic ocean. Our world is truly fascinating and wonderous.
Sending lotsaluv