9 March 2011

A sign of the times.

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing okay. I have been off walking for the past couple of days which is why I’ve not been able to visit you or leave a post on here. Anyway I came back with some pictures for you which I will post over the next few days.
The picture tonight is of a sign post, a very old sign post, apart from it being made of stone the other give away is how they have spelled road with an ‘E’ at the end, we haven’t done that for a long time. The stone is in the close proximity of a crossroads so each of the four sides of the stone are marked with directions to somewhere. It’s all very basic and informal compared to modern day standards but no doubt it served its purpose back in the days when it was erected. I wonder what they would have made of satnav? I reckon owning one back then would have got you burnt at the stake or something similar.

Here you can make out the words ‘Chesterfield Roade’.

On this side is ‘Chesterfield N: Roade’. I’m not sure what the ‘N’ is for unless it’s short for North.
On this side is ‘Bakewell Roade’. I like the pointing hand.
When I see things like this I wonder of all the things that have long since gone, what tales could that stone tell if it could only talk?


Sara said...

Very cool! I love signs, especially signs with a story or, in this case, a history!

Amy Wood said...

Those signs are so neat! I like the pointing hand too. I always like to imagine what it would have been like to be there when that stone was put up, the people and events going on. I bet they would have some good tales to tell if they could talk :)

Dame Judi said...

So much history in such compact form. Imagine taking the time to carve/chisel the charming hands!

Great stuff. Thanks. Always love your travels and photos.

Emily C. said...

History is interesting! :)

Shirl said...

I love the old country signposts - makes me think of Dick Whittington lol!

Shirl x

Chicken lover said...

Rob, wonder if you are in Derbyshire by any chance lol

HORIZON said...

Love the old stone signs there too. Have seen ones with hands on, but nowhere near as old ;)
l also wonder what tales they would tell- if only!!
I love old places, stones and history - eg-Kilmartin.
Would like to visit this place of yours now :)

Theanne and Baron said...

Hi Rob and Vicki, what fun it would be indeed if the stone could talk. Just thinking about all the history is awsome! The hand is very helpful...sort of an earthnav. Are the roades simple paths now?