18 March 2011

Cute Puppy.

As it's a Friday and I don't have much else to say I am going to post Border Collie Video. This video is from 'azyouwish' channel on Youtube, if you want to go look for yourself [Here].

The trick itself isn't all that amazing compared to some that I've shown on here but the puppy is to die for!! Also wouldn't it be something to look forward to, if she is retrieving balls at 9 weeks old I reckon she will be doing loads of stuff in time.


Amy Wood said...

OMG! She is so adorable. It is impressive that she can retrieve like that at her age and she's fast too. Such a cutie! :)

Theanne and Baron said...

I believe Border Collies are known for their trainability! They love to learn, want to learn, thrive on learning and then working. She is absolutely beyond cute...I agree she's going to be doing fantastic tricks very soon! Thanks for sharing this Rob!

Sara said...

So, so sweet. She reminds me a bit of Oreo.

Beautiful dog.

eMiLy ChAnG said...

The dog is so cute! To be honest, i never had a dog before. :L

Gail said...

So adorable!

I cannot reply directly to your comments on my blog due to "no reply comment" but thanks for stopping by to visit.

The smiling wood has been saved for crafty projects.

HORIZON said...

You're killing me here!! What a clever wee thing :)