1 March 2011

A better night.

Last night I enjoyed a better sleep so than you for all your best wishes, I think they helped. I’m sure it was something that I saw during the day that played on my mind during the night.
As you will see from my mobile blog the rest of the trees arrived from the nursery today so now I am just waiting for the boss to show me where they want planting.

Doc asked me for suggestions as to what other fruit trees he could plant. Well I’m not sure what your climate is like so you will need to do your own research as to what will grow and where. In the garden to the big house we have a peach tree on an east facing wall although south facing would be better. We have a cherry on an east facing wall but they will also grow on north facing as well. We have pears and figs on the west facing wall. We also have an apricot tree in the conservatory. They will also grow outdoors but flower very early so are susceptible to frost.
With today being the first of the month it’s time for another picture of ‘The Tree’. As you will see not a lot has changed in the past month, it’s a bit lighter and the crop in the field is a little more advanced. Someone asked me what the tree is and I can’t remember if I answered so I will tell you now that as far as I can tell the tree is an oak tree although I haven’t been close to it as I have no right to walk in the farmer field.


Doc said...

Thank you for your input on my tree question. Our climate here is very much like yours.

Theanne and Baron said...

Happy you had a good nights sleep...with no nightmares!

Sara said...

Glad you had better dreams.

I love the tree photos. I bet there will be a big change by next month!

HORIZON said...

Has that been a month already!!! Whoa- time has flown by! Glad you had a better rest.

sagechronicles said...

I think it's great that you are chronicling light and growth changes in that tree! A very interesting study!!

Amy Wood said...

Glad you got a better night sleep. Great pics of the tree. It is so neat to see how the changing months change the pic. Love it!