11 September 2011

A bit of news.

Hello everyone, I hope you're all feeling well. I am having a lazy day today. I went over to see to the greenhouses this morning and then at lunch time it was time to watch the Italian GP from Monza which Sebastian Vettel won with Jenson Button second and Fernando Alonso third. The highlight of the race was the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher.

Yesterday me and Fallon took Teas to flyball, I am now nothing more than a spectator and companion to Fallon. I was looking in to local obedience  classes the other day thinking maybe I could Take to those instead but I am a bit reluctant after my failed attempt at flyball. Anyway with me playing no part in Flyball it gave me time to take a video of her progress for you which I will post in the nest day or two.

Things with our house upgrade are going apace, I haven't been down since before the work started so I am looking forward to seeing how things are going. There was a worrying sag to the kitchen floor which had me thinking that there was a serious problem with the foundations but they have the floor up and it seems that it's just the underfloor hardcore that has sunk and simply needs renewing and concreting over so that's good news. The rest is just general stuff with no hidden entry's.

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Sara said...

Jeff must be recording that race to watch later. Lewis Hamilton is his guy, so I'm sure he will enjoy that part.

Glad to hear that Fallon is having fun with the flyball. I'm sure Tess must enjoy it. But, I'm also sure Tess is just as happy going for a long walk with you.

HORIZON said...

*about the kitchen floor -lol
I'm tired

HORIZON said...

Well done Jenson Button and great news on the kitchen floor Rob. :)
We're bracing ourselves for the remnants of hurricane katia tomorrow - oh joy.
take care for now
Fallon is a lovely name by the way :)