6 September 2011

The Tree (September).

Below is a picture of 'The Tree' for September. As you can see the shadows are now getting longer as we slowly turn full circle, soon the leaves will be gone and maybe we will get one picture with snow on the ground before we say goodbye to the tree. In the field the old crop of oilseed rape is now nothing more than dead stalks waiting for the farmers plough to come and turn them under ready for the new crop to be born and so life in the field goes on year upon year and this is the world of the tree, it never moves yet it has seen many changes during its time on this earth.



Sara said...

Yes, the colder weather will be here again soon. I love watching the seasons change.

Beth said...

What a neat idea, showing the tree in sequence. Good job!!

Gail said...

Great series...

ellen abbott said...

I love this series.

HORIZON said...

I love these photos of the tree and field - everything is starting to die down here for the winter too- the garden reached it's peak a few weeks back and it made me a little sad to see it turn that corner and start its way down the other side.