22 September 2011

Classic Tractors.

Tonight I am going to post a few more pictures from this years festival of the plough. The festival is all about bygone times so all the exhibits and demonstrations etc. are things from my past, my fathers past and even from a time when my grandfather was growing up. I can still recall stories told to me by my granddad of steam engines and thrashing machines and at this festival you can actually see them all working more or less the same as he had in his day.

Below are pictures of some classic tractors, mostly from recent history, all of these models have been around during my lifetime. The red one in the third picture (a David Brown Cropmaster) was the first tractor I ever rode on, my dad used to take me ploughing with him on a similar but older model to this. Another thing that I find amazing is that these tractors have most likely been run almost to destruction yet to look at them on display now you would think they just left the factory. I think the way they look is a great credit to the people who have restored them.
David Brown 780
Fordson Major Diesel
David Brown
Massey Ferguson 135
Massey Ferguson 2640
International 3588

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