20 May 2012

Floriade World Horticultural Expo.

Two weeks ago Vicki, two of her friends from church and I took a four day trip to Holland to visit Floriade World Horticultural Expo. The general consensus among our party and others we met was one of disappointment. I have to confess that I went without any preconceived idea's  and I think because of this I was maybe not as disappointed as some. I did no research beforehand so everything a novelty. Another thing that spoiled the day was the weather, it was non stop from beginning to end. There were a few indoor places to visit but they were very crowded. However coming from a country that has ten months of cold grey and wet I think we were better prepared than many seemed to be and suffered only a little dampness around the edges. So all in all I was pleased I went as I like a voyage of discovery but I feel I saw all I needed to see of this show so don't have any desires to go again - maybe I will visit the next one in ten years time if I'm lucky enough to still be here.

This is the entrance to one of the indoor exhibition places, The planters in the water took my eye., I think it's a nice way to break up the water and add some interest.

This is Jenny and Linda, Vicki's two friends from church. I think they took a fancy to the car.
A couple of shots taken from the cable car, below you can see some of the outdoor gardens and some other features that were part of the show. I'm not sure what everything was to be honest because no one had much enthusiasm for close inspections.

One of the gardens from ground level. I'm sure it would have been a nice place to sit and relax awhile on a better day.
I think I will leave it there for this post, I will show some more pictures from inside a couple of the indoor places in my next post.


Beth said...

The pictures are wonderful, even with the rain.
My roots on my mother's side stretch back to the early 1600s in Holland so these pictures were a real treat for me.

Sara said...

Too bad about the rain. It looks pretty amazing to me! Loved the truck with the flowers in the back. Great idea.

An English Shepherd said...

Nice looking place :-)

sagechronicles said...

Even with the rain, it looks like a great trip!

Matron said...

A cable car! that looks amazing from above.