1 May 2012

The Garden (May).

Here is this months picture of the garden, I can't say there is a lot of change.





I know some of you are curious as to where the posts suddenly came from on this blog so I will quickly explain that when I first bought the Farming Simulator game I decided it might be fun to share my experiences in a blog but as it is a subject that is far removed from dogs or gardening I thought it would be of little interest to my usual readers so I decided to start a separate blog just about the game but because I haven't had chance to write anything on here people are wondering what happened to me so I imported the posts from my 'Farmer Bob' blog on to here and that's why a lot of posts suddenly appeared from nowhere.


Sara said...

I think most of us love hearing about all your interests~ travel,dogs, gardening, Vicki's talents, racing, and now farm simulator!

Your garden is really starting to come to life. Looking forward to seeing it next month!

Beth said...

Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering.

Louellen Lawson said...

Pretty garden. It seems quaint to me. Have fun on your "Farm, Bob". :)

Theanne said...

the garden is quite green this month with plants growing and filling in the space! very nice!

I've been enjoying your "farm"!

jane.healy said...

Looks much greener than March!