5 May 2012

Holidays are very tiring.

I had a good sleep last night but seem to have woken up feeling quite tired. Just had breakfast and we are now awaiting the coach to take to the 'World Horticultural Expo' for the day. Being someone who goes for long periods of time by myself in  my own little world all this sort of carry on is lmost overwhelming. Just getting in to the hotel room is a challenge, we hardly ever lock the door to our house but when we do we use a key and not a card as we do here in the hotel. Breakfast is usually spent with the dogs in a quiet and relaxed manner, here its a mad scramble that puts me in mind of the sheep at feeding time, for sure taking breakfast with the dogs is more civilised and calm. Well I had better go or we will miss the bus.

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Sara said...

Being out of your routine can be tough. Hope you have a good day!

Theanne said...

hope the "expo" lifts your spirits!

Beth said...

I am a creature of habits too. I think everyone is.