10 July 2012

Nice Drop Of Rain.

July is living up to its reputation of being one of the wettest moths of the year with another 5mm of rain yesterday and a wet start to thise day. We're already up to 80mm for the moth and its not half way through yet. 

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Louellen Lawson said...

Just the opposite hear Rob...no rain....drought-ish. Hot.

Sara said...

Send it my way please! We haven't had rain since June 8th!

sagechronicles said...

I've been a bit behind, but am trying to catch up with your posts! Looks like you've been having a busy time gardening and haying.

How are Tommy & Tess? What are they up to?

nerima roberts said...

Huh. Now I know where all our rain is going to...It's been hot and dry here in NYC.