23 July 2012

Pottinger Euro Top

I was recently asked what liner I was using in the hay making post. Well it's a Pottinger Euro Top and can be found here: http://www.ls-uk.info/downloads/33/23331

I will be honest that I have stopped using it because for some reason it misses quite a lot of material, you will see what I mean by looking at the two pictures below.

The rows in the bottom two thirds of the picture were made by the Pottinger and you can see the misses, the rows in the top of the picture was made by a different liner and are cleanly raked.

I haven't posted on here lately but I've been quite busy on Churn Farm and I have also start trialing a German farm called Herlefeld V2: http://youtu.be/uKmpcfne-SA

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