28 May 2008


Hello everyone, thank you for comeing to read my blog. Take a look at what I found when I checked out the conservatory this morning. For those that don't know I will tell you that its a Strelitzia or Bird of Paradise plant. This plant was one of only a handful of indoor plants that was still alive when I took over the gardens here and this is the first time its flowered so I am really pleased.
Tonight I am going to show you some more pictures from the walk I did on Saturday. This will take us through part of the village of Baslow as we start the hardest part of the day, the climb up Eaton Hill and then Bar Road to the gritstone edge which we will follow for the rest of the day - more of that tomorrow.
This picture was taken on the bridge over the River Derwent, this is where we leave the river which we have been following from Rowsley. Note the row of thatched roof cottages on the left of the picture.

Leaving the bridge we head straight across the green in front of us to cross the busy main road. If you fancy a break this is a good place to take it as there is a shop, cafe and a couple of pubs just around the corner to the right, the shop being on the left where the bus is parked.

Once across the main road we start our climb up Eaton Hill at the top of which we turn right on to Bar Road.
We exit Baslow on this road, which is at first has a tarmac surface but this soon becomes a narrow rough track always climbing but nothing too serious.
Part way up there is a spring in a shady spot, a nice place to stop and catch your breath. I removed my fleece and took a drink, not from the spring though but from my water bottle.
Now we're almost onto the open moorland and the worst climb of the day is over. Tomorrow we will see some wonderful views so please come back and take a look with me.


Matron said...

You've done really well to get a strelizia to flower in this country! that is exceptional. If you promise not to tell (because Matron doesn't do flowers) I have grown a strelizia from seed purchased in the flower market in Madeira. 6" tall at present but growing. ssshhhhh!

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob,wOW You must have had the right conditions to get your bird of paradise to flower over there.

Phew im bushed after that long walk I think ill go in the little pub and grab a cold beer...puff puff...