29 May 2008

The Edges.

Hello everyone, I can't pretend that I'm very happy tonight so I think I will just get straight on with telling you about the pictures.

After the climb out of Baslow you will find yourself on a high gritstone edge over looking the derwent valley. In this picture we're looking back over where we have walked so far.
This is looking down on the villages of Curbar and Calver.
After Curbar Edge we enter Longshaw Country Park which if I rcall right is now owned by the National Trust. Its pleasant walking along a good level track, becareful where you sit down and rest though as the place can be crawling with wood ants, especially when warm and sunny.
I will show you this little path because I thought it idylic wandering through the trees and down to the stream the way it does. We won't be taking this path today though, instead we turn in the opposite direction and head towards the main road to Hathersage. For any Robin Hood fans Hathersage churchyard is supposed to be where Little John is buried.
We don't go near Hathersage on this occasion, instead we follow the track below Burbage edge...
...where you will be able to watch in awe the climbers on the rocks. People are not meant to be in such places and it shows.
Finally we reach the car park at Burbage bridge where there is an ice cream van waiting for you, don't be too long about it though because there are still some miles to be covered and we want to be there before the pub closes.

All the best,

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