24 February 2009


I know I said that I would show you how I’m training the Quince tree but I will have to postpone that for a little while as I didn’t have time to get the pictures yet. With the weather being so nice I’ve been making the most of it and getting stuck in to pruning and tidying up the rose garden.

Instead of the tree training I will show you a couple of pics of the seed potatoes I have set out for chitting on the potting shed bench. By doing this your potatoes will have a head start when you plant them out. Early varieties will crop earlier and more heavily if chitted. You just need to set them out in a light, cool but frost free place a few weeks before planting.

Also here is a picture of what I think is a nice Primula that I have in a pot in the cool greenhouse.

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EB said...

Yes - a lovely primula. I had several a little like that about 3 years ago, I used to go to look at them every day, but they didn't like where I planted them (may have been too damp) or something and they died. I think the ones I had were called Gold Lace or similar. Is this kind of plant really supposed to be kept frost-free, I wonder? (still haven't started with potatoes; either they'll be late, or they'll be next year)