14 February 2009

Water Problems.

Yesterday I posted a picture of the thaw such as it is so today I'm going to recommend you take a visit to Matron's blog and see what its gone and done to her garden. Here is the link to it http://veggies-only.blogspot.com/ As you will see its not much good for gardening in although from what Matron says Buddy has been getting in some practise for next years Dancing On Ice TV show. Anyway go take a look for yourselves, its the post for February 12th. Of course, as bad as it might seem its not half as bad as it is here up in the north of the country, just take a look at the picture below to see the situation on our road afternoon!

(Click to enlarge)


Annie Wicking said...

Very good the water must have been deep. Just glad to know we didn't have the same problem around here. Lots of water, but no sharks.

best wishes,

Matron said...

I love that picture!

EB said...

Scary picture and a cracking blog suggestion too - many thanks :) (The water on the road must have risen very quickly for there not to be a sign warning of the flood)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh dear Bob and I thought that the thaw had been a slow one and that the water had all got away. Sorry - I hope that is not your car in the water.
Are there minerals in the snow that help the ground?
Hope all the water has got away now.

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob,, We can only wish for a little of that water to help put the fires out. . less the flood and the ..shark..

Sara said...

The road I live on has been bad enough one or twice that we could have used a canoe - but luckily we never saw a shark!

Great photo! Hope you're drying out..